Connections and Partnerships

Nutrition Business Advisors encourages businesses to seek growth. In working with NBA we will facilitate strategic introductions throughout the industry as needed by our clients. Our well-connected team has provided partnerships that have helped business increase their revenue by up to 70%.

NBA provides streamlined plans that have began over 50 partnerships with our current and past clients. Our team creates initial introductions and full facilitation of new connections to ensure all your company's needs are being met at a high level of efficiency.

Innovation and forward thinking

Our team is constantly growing our database of knowledge. We attend conferences and meetings throughout the year to learn the most current and relevant trends in order to translate this knowledge to benefit our clients. The race for innovation is increasing and NBA is dedicated to ensure our clients are ready for the changing industry. 

As a team we learn and adapt our knowledge in every aspect of the industry. We continue to survey different companies, categories and trends to remain relevant in our data. Working with NBA will guarantee the continuous strive for forward thinking and innovation minded opportunities.

Industry trends and data analysis

NBA consulting services primary focus is to better the business of its’ clients whether through market research, consumer data or overall industry updates. When working with NBA on a consulting projects there are various ways we can help your business grow. Nutrition Business Advisors specializes with primary and secondary research in relation with the nutrition industry due to its affiliation with Nutrition Business Journal and other industry publications. Working with top level research consultants NBA takes on projects to size certain markets, analyze current product portfolios in relation to the top trends of the industry and generates high-level recommendations on how your company can thrive in the fast-moving market.

In order to deliver quality work to you and your company, NBA consults directly with the c-level experts in the industry and will only provide relevant and consistent data. To inquire about a possible consulting opportunity please contact the NBA team to set up an initial introductory meeting. 

Capital raising and M&A

Thomas Aarts and Edward Hauck have been in the nutritionals industry over 50 years combined, through roles as CEO, COO, Managing Director, Partner, as well as holding many board positions as key advisors. They use their collective knowledge along with the help of their own advisors to assist companies in strategic planning for their businesses. NBA can provide companies with top level business planning, financial expertise, portfolio analysis, competitive analysis, along with many other key elements in business opportunities.

Working with topmost companies in the industry, NBA has been able to realign strategic plans and aid c-level executives in their goals, core values and overall financial objectives.