Whether you’re new to the nutrition industry or a seasoned professional, it always helps to extend your knowledge base. A quick search in Google will reveal pages and pages of articles on marketing, business strategy, nutrition trends and innovations – the problem is knowing which content you can actually trust.

To ensure you’re getting valid and trusted information about the nutrition industry, Tom is making available a selection of his articles, editorials and videos. This proven content enables you to keep up with latest developments, technologies, business strategies and ideas that are shaping the nutrition industry of today and in the future.

Browse through this content to learn about a range of topics including dietary supplement regulations, personalized nutrition, and industry trends.

Tom is always available to contribute to well-researched articles about the nutrition industry, product development, supplements, and marketing/business strategy. If you have an idea for an article or editorial or are seeking an expert opinion, contact Tom.

To learn more about Tom, be sure to read his Q and A with NBJ and watch his video from NBJ 2013 where he talks about the state of the nutrition industry.

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