Whether you’re a large company or just starting out, you need expert advice. Advice that can make the difference between success and failure. This is why companies come to Tom Aarts – to  get the expertise they need to grow, continue to push boundaries and to finesse the development cycle.

Tom specializes in three domains: consulting, speaking, and financial expertise. Learn how Tom can help your company can meet it’s full potential.


As a consultant working with your company, Tom will give you and your team the guidance needed to equip your company and keep it moving forward.

  • Strategic planning expertise: advice that ensures your company is growing and moving with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Radar and industry intelligence: learn about new technologies, companies, trends, and growth opportunities.
  • Product pipeline development: gain insights into products and technologies that can impact the position of your company in the marketplace.
  • Technology and growth opportunities: discover new partnership opportunities and get advice on how to develop your products and ideas.
  • Scientific analysis: review, analysis and due diligence on companies, technologies and brands.
  • Monitoring and advisement of the nutritional market: get expert updates on the latest trends, consumer demands, product developments, and market intelligence.
  • Market/ Industry and competitive analysis: strategic market analysis of products, companies, and development that meet your growth needs.
  • Relationship building: analysis of future partners and acquisition opportunities including setting up consults and meetings to discuss opportunities.
  • Competitive review: this includes identifying and understanding who the new and emerging competitors are in your space.
  • Marketing intelligence: complete business analysis and market review of your niche and how best to position and prepare your company in this space.

As part of the consulting relationship, Tom will provide you with regular updates via conference calls, on-site presentations, and participation in company meetings and events.


Learning from others and networking is key to your continued professional growth and that of your company. You want to make sure that your employees are motivated, keen and understand how important it is to work towards one common goal.

As a professional speaker, Tom brings years of tangible real experience, lessons, and success stories to your team. You and your team will benefit from hearing first-hand from Tom about how he built his expertise, learned how to identify growth opportunities and how he turned his passion into a successful career.

Tom speaks often at professional events such as conferences, company all-staff meetings, industry roundtables, strategic planning meetings, and team-building enterprises.

Contact Tom to learn more about the topics he talks about and how to schedule a meeting.

Financial Expertise

Your company needs a consistent income and growth strategy. You need to be aware of and fully understand how the market is shifting and growing. You need to know how to position your company to be prepared for fluctuations, transitions and turns in the market.

You need expertise and advice with growth opportunities, income streams, market trends, strategic partnerships, growth-based accessions, raising capital and identifying potential merger opportunities.

Working with Tom, you can be confident that your company is getting the financial expertise and advice that it needs to succeed.

  • Raise capital: learn about the best channels available to you for capital-raising and growth. Discover new strategic options and build relationships with investors who can help your company grow and thrive.
  • Get positioned in the industry: ensure that your company is prepared and positioned properly for any partnership or merger opportunities. This includes internal due diligence, business planning advice, internal financial analysis, and company review.
  • Network and get connected: relationship building and contact development with the experts, investors, and others who can impact your company’s growth. Get connected with the right investors and those who are looking for mergers and partnerships.

Tom will conduct a detailed review and analysis of your company, your industry and identify how your company can be positioned for growth, mergers, and partnerships. Small and start-up companies will benefit from key relationships with prominent investors and experts who can provide additional guidance.

Contact Tom to schedule a meeting to discuss your company’s financial needs and learn how you can work with Tom.